Wake Up to Lyme Campaign 2020

Our 2020 Lyme Disease Awareness Month is slightly different this year due to the devastating Covid-19 situation which is impacting everyone’s lives. It’s so important that everyone follows the most up to date government advice on Covid-19 and social distancing. LDUK’s aim is to help take pressure off the NHS by continuing to educate the nation about the dangers of tick bites and how to prevent them as well as what to do if Lyme disease is suspected so that any new cases can be treated promptly. It’s so important to be tick aware now that people are taking to the outdoors more than ever with daily permitted exercise. In previous years, our annual Wake Up to Lyme campaign has involved awareness pack distribution in parks and recreational spaces, GP surgeries, hospitals, vets, offices, schools, libraries, supermarkets, community noticeboards and wherever the Lyme community and the general public have been able to put up posters and share leaflets.

This year, we have not wanted to endanger anyone by asking people to distribute awareness packs in the community and we have had to adjust our campaign to fit in with Covid-19 regulations. Here’s how we are still getting the message out there:

Social Media 

We are asking people to share our infographics which are being posted throughout the month of May on our various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We are also reaching out to a range of organisations on social media who are sharing our posts and campaign animation.


Putting a campaign poster in your window is a safe and effective way to raise awareness of Lyme disease amongst passers-by. You can download and print our our awareness posters and other materials here or email awareness@lymediseaseuk.com to be sent a hard copy.


LDUK has teamed up with pharmacies across the UK and over 650 branches are involved in our campaign. Our animation is being shown on screens in windows and inside the shops and our awareness literature is on display for people to view whilst queuing.

Thank you to our campaign sponsors and to everyone who has worked hard on adjusting and supporting our campaign during the Covid-19 pandemic. We will continue to assess the situation as time goes by and decide whether distributing awareness packs is feasible later in the year when Covid-19 restrictions have lifted.