Enjoy the Outdoors Safely – an Animation from LDUK

This stunning animation was created by the very talented RoPu Chen, Adam Duncan and Cedric Fangeat.

Cedric is a member of our Online Community as has kindly shared his story with us:

“I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in November 2017. The story behind having a diagnosis for Lyme disease is far too long to explain, and my journey to find a treatment is still ongoing. Unfortunately this condition is still largely unknown both by the medical body (NHS) and the people who are not aware of the devastating consequences it can have. Since the day I have been diagnosed I went to look for some help on the internet, and despite finding loads of information, I must say that the most helpful and informative platforms have been the LDUK website, their Facebook page and Online Community. RoPu, who is my wife, has been supporting me throughout the whole Lyme experience, and still is helping me today. However, despite all the amazing work that the charity is doing she felt that something could be done to convey a clear prevention message to a larger audience, and because she does animation work for a living, she offered her service LDUK. I can only give her all the credit for wanting to help and bringing this project to the light.”

On behalf of the LDUK team and everyone who will benefit from the information in this striking animation, thank you RoPu and Cedric. Please share this animation far and wide either as a website post or by sharing this YouTube link.