Wessex Water Support LDUK!

Wessex Water generously donated to LDUK. Their Critical Sewers Team won the company in-house award ‘Innovation Award’ and the award came with a gift for charity, a donation of £250. LDUK was the lucky recipient and Wessex Water’s Julian Britton share the following with us:

“We are a team who try to undertake all renovation of sewers without excavation of the road, a form of ‘Keyhole Surgery’ if you like. This is excellent for our customers as we are only occupying highways outside their homes for 3-4 days instead of weeks. We have a carbon footprint some 97% less than utilities who dig on their pipes rather than go ‘Trenchless’. We won the award for the development of a small robot , called the ‘Re Rounder’ which restores the circularity of the sewer where it is deformed. My daughter is just recovering from Lyme and was struck down for ten years, so it has been a long and debilitating illness. We do hope you succeed in your activities.”

A huge thank you to the Wessex Water team for choosing LDUK. Congratulations on your award and we wish Julia’s daughter a full recovery!