Molyneux Community Centre Blackpool, Lyme Disease Fundraiser. 

What an amazing event this fundraiser was. I was so honoured to be invited to attend Molyneux Community Centre on behalf of LDUK last week. I was made to feel comfortable from the get-go and was looked after so well, I am so thankful to everyone present for going above and beyond.

I had suffered an awful night health-wise and really had to dig deep to find the strength to attend this event.

I refused to back out of my commitments and I really wanted to be there, not only to show my support but also my thanks. We dug out the wheelchair to prevent me feeling panicked if I felt dizzy and weak at any point. I know only too well how difficult it is to organise fundraisers and get the backing needed for them to be a success.

Everyone at Molyneux came together and worked so hard not only in supporting this event financially but bringing food, raffle prizes and baked goods to share amongst us all. Bringing everyone together and really making an afternoon of this event. It brought so much joy when we were often discussing tragic Lyme cases, symptoms and experiences. Finding a balance with these kinds of events is key.

You want to ensure that people become more aware and educated but you also want to have fun! Molyneux Community Centre achieved this and more.

They are an inspiration for anyone wishing to host a fundraiser in the future. They are proof that a fabulous bunch of kind people, the local community, everyone coming together, support and fun makes an event TRULY a massive success.

With over £500 raised and everyone smiling, we couldn’t have wished/hoped for a better result from just an afternoon. It really is outstanding. Lyme disease isn’t a kind disease by any means. We learn to adapt but also practise gratitude like it is our religion. We become far more thankful for these heart-warming occasions and they really do restore our motivation and faith in our fight but also our life in general.

Being surrounded by support helps us feel less alone, gives us courage and the confidence to speak out and share our stories.

Sharing our stories helps people to become far more educated on the disease and helps protect and save lives. More than we truly know.

We won’t just celebrate the money raised from this event – it means SO much more than that. We must celebrate the AMAZING people, with such kind hearts who made this event sparkle.

The memories made from this event go beyond the cheque kindly awarded at the end.

It will be remembered for the friends made, the laughs had and the smiles on people’s faces. Chronic illness can be a deeply dark place. We forget how to smile and that we DESERVE to smile. Strong supports are a life-line to us as they restore our motivation to keep living the best life possible, that we do have meaning and a purpose and we DESERVE life.

Finally, THANK YOU Molyneux Community Centre, you are all super stars and truly amazing. Thank you, you will have inspired not only your community to help support Lyme Disease but will have also inspired the Lyme Community to host and hold events too in support. I hope we can keep in touch and support one another.

On behalf of LDUK and the community,


Sophie Ward