How To Help Others With Lyme Disease

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Lyme Disease UK we are running with the ‘5’ theme… kicking off with 5 ways to help others.

Helping others gives us all a buzz and we always feel better mentally and physically when we see others smile. These are often selfless and free acts of kindness, which to me makes them even more special.

We asked the LDUK community for their top 5 ways to help others, and here are some of the responses:

  1. Sharing my experiences when a treatment is working.
  2. Offering unused supplements for the price of postage.
  3. Writing blog posts about certain aspects of living with Lyme so others don’t feel so alone when they read it!
  4. Checking in on friends – not just to ask how they’re doing health-wise but to also talk about other areas of our lives… We lead complex ones!
  5. Using my experiences as a Lyme patient to prevent others from being bitten, by raising awareness!

That last one in particular has helped me mentally and I’m sure others will agree… That to be able to create something good out of this horrid situation, makes it slightly more bearable.

Top 5 ways to help

  1. I’ve learnt to face my fear of being judged by opening up and being honest, so that others relate. Fight to raise awareness, educate people to protect and save lives.
  2. I’ve overcome my shyness to speak out and found my voice to fight for everyone suffering like me.
  3. I’ve sat up through the night replying to messages because I appreciate the time people take to write to me, so I want to give my time and write back fully, offering support and love.
  4. I have and continued to hold fundraisers for LDUK. Any payments I get I donate to the charity. I love hosting events and it’s so great raising money for the organisation who showed me my purpose and supports me to no end. I am so grateful to the community more than words can express.
  5. Share my story and my past that cuts me up, in hope it helps people protect themselves and for sufferers to feel less alone. Because I know how it feels to have everyone call you crazy and not believe you. You feel alone and lost. It’s important for people to know and understand we are NOT alone. This is an important building block in anyone’s healing.

Helping others heals my own soul. It gives you a buzz that reminds you of your purpose. You push your own pain aside because you value others far more than yourself. We can all help others in several ways and often it’s the free gifts of kindness that mean the most.

Helping others helps us grow as people, and to heal and soothe our own souls.

Thank you LDUK, for all helping me find self-worth, a purpose and being such a massive support… inspiring me to be a strong support for others.


Helping others can help us heal in many ways. It helps us face our fears and allows us to discover strengths that we perhaps didn’t know we had. As Lymies, we understand pain and the daily struggle of a chronic illness which means we can relate to others… just being that person who reaches out to others to simply say hi, can mean so much.

It isn’t about material objects or things that cost money. Giving the gift of kindness is the most precious thing you can do.

Your simple act of kindness could make someone’s day. Happiness is infectious. Seeing someone else smile should make you smile, and smiling is a great benefit for our health which makes just one of the reasons why we should practice the art of helping others so much more!

Being around positivity attracts positivity back into our lives. Our physical health improves because we are being proactive and productive. We find a sense of purpose and regain some much needed self-worth.

The evidence is clear that giving our time and sprinkling kindness like confetti really works. Anyone can do it. From making someone a cup of tea, to writing them a nice text message or simply giving them a hug. These acts really can change lives. You rediscover so much about yourself, others and life in general.

For anyone battling chronic illness kindness is something that won’t cost or add to your medical bills but will enhance your life and empower others around you.

It’s so easy to fall into a trap of negativity, guilt and self-loathing. This is a simple exercise that is just a gentle reminder than you DO serve a purpose, you are loved, and you are appreciated. Just mentally and emotionally reminding yourself of the above really does go a long way.

It is our 5 year anniversary and LDUK has been a life line for so many. We are so proud to see all the people leaving comments every day, sharing their experiences with great bravery and people sharing their advice to help others. You are all such strong warriors and it is such a delight to see all the kind hearts that make up our community.

Thank you… spread the love!


Sophie Ward.