Charity Projects 2018

2018 has been an incredible year for LDUK. Our community has grown bigger by the day and we continue to be inspired by all the hard work and determination we see. So much has been going on, from new local support groups popping up to the fantastic efforts lobbying support from MPs. For all our news stories please visit our news section.

  • Towards the end of January, two representatives from LDUK attended a meeting held by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Lyme disease along with representatives from other Lyme disease organisations and patient groups in the UK. Read more about it at
  • LDUK reps, along with those from other charities and patient groups, were invited to take part in the UK Government Independent Reviews on Lyme disease, commissioned by the Department of Health. Our participation was made up of a face to face consultation with the researchers as well as the submission of survey responses. Visit for full details.
  • In early April the NICE Lyme disease guidelines were published. LDUK commented extensively on the draft guideline and although some progress has been made, the guidelines are still seriously lacking. Visit for details.
  • Before the launch of our Wake Up To Lyme 2018 campaign in May, we released our awareness video, filmed with LDUK community members and posted all across social media, racking up an impressive 20,000 views!
  • In May, one of our community members, A.F. McGuiness launched his latest novel, Anatomised. Andrew used his book launch as an opportunity to support our ‘Wake Up to Lyme’ campaign! Read more about Andrew’s fight with Lyme disease and how it inspired his work.
  • In early May, the newly formed All Party Parliamentary Group held their first meeting of an ‘Enquiry into Lyme disease’. The meetings cover a range of topics and LDUK reps will attend them. We’ll keep the community updated with any progress we learn of, and remain positive that this in-depth Enquiry will enable politicians to pave the way for positive change in the way Lyme disease is addressed in the UK.
  • Also in May, LDUK volunteer, Morven-May MacCallum, headed to the Scottish Parliament following First Minister’s Questions to host a photo call to raise awareness of Lyme disease, sponsored by Alexander Burnett MSP.
  • 2018’s ‘Wake up to Lyme’ campaign took the nation by storm during May – Lyme awareness month! More than 500 awareness packs were distributed by the end of May with continued orders flooding in. Read about our success at
  • Towards the end of June, entrepreneur, philanthropist and Chair of Caudwell LymeCo Charity, John Caudwell, pledged over £1 million for Lyme disease research, provided that the Government also pours money into an urgently needed research fund to learn more about Lyme disease. He also kick-started an email campaign called ‘Lobby for Lyme Research’. The LDUK team and community have got behind this initiative and personally contacted every MP in the UK!
  • In July we announced the winner of our Children’s Poster Competition – part of our Wake Up to Lyme campaign and goal to get Lyme disease education into schools using our school awareness packs. We are passionate about educating children as well as adults, especially as they are most at risk.

We’ve got plenty more in store and as always will keep the community updated as we go. Do you have something to add? Just drop us a line and let the team know!