Wake Up to Lyme Campaign Video

May is Lyme disease awareness month. We are kicking off our second ‘Wake Up to Lyme’ campaign to raise even more awareness this year. Our campaign consists of sharing information across our social media platforms and sending out awareness packs containing leaflets, posters and car stickers to be distributed across the country in GP surgeries, pharmacies, vet clinics, schools, libraries, shop windows, supermarkets, military bases, post offices and in people’s workplaces.

The campaign will raise awareness of how people can prevent Lyme disease by protecting themselves from tick bites and teach correct tick removal techniques and how to recognise the early symptoms of Lyme disease. The campaign also stresses the importance of early treatment for anyone who experiences the Lyme disease (EM) rash or for anyone who becomes unwell following a tick bite. We hope that our awareness campaign reduces the number of new infections this spring/summer and educates people on how to enjoy the outdoors safely.

Thank you to everyone involved in the campaign video below and please share this video on social media to help us spread the word!

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