January Blues by Sophie Ward


January blues
All the ‘To-Dos’
Doctors appointments and feeling the backlash,
The festive period was over in a flash,

It’s was such a dash,
For a big bash,
You tried to feel included,
But felt so excluded,

Your pain radiates all around,
You scream help but nobody hears your sound,
The day is such a struggle to get through,
How you work they don’t question you,

They have already judged by what they see,
A waste of space is how they see me,
You watch the joy,
Others get to enjoy,

Envy them in more ways than one,
Blink and precious times have gone,
Trying your best to be at your peak,
Though you are so terribly weak,

Dance dates,
The party nights that go on until late,
You try to escape with some sleep,
The nights just bring time to weep,

Above all the fun,
We can still shine like the sun,
We may not be the life and soul,
The celebrations taking their toll,

Our hearts shine through,
They are the real you,
The you that people love,
You belong with the angels above,

A heart of gold,
With a story still untold,
We fight everyday,
Gaining from our successes and failures in some way,

We are worth more than the drunken nights,
We are warriors battling endless fights,
We can take on anything life throws at us you see,
To become a stronger me,

Take some time to rest your heads,
Spend time to recharge in our beds,
We have a busy year ahead,
To fight a disease that wants us dead,

Yet we still glow,
Our strength and persistence we continue to show,
We are the heroes that people look up to,
Even if they don’t always show you,

Our disease feels unfair,
We act like we don’t care,
For missing out,
But that’s what life’s lessons are all about,

We must see ourselves as the lucky ones here,
Then we can conquer any year,
Feeling the January blues,
Look- you are doing amazingly walking in your
warrior shoes.

Sophie Ward
Sophie Ward, is the author of the blog Sophantastic  in which she shares her experiences and reaches out to people with food intolerances, depression, chronic pain, nerve damage, chronic illness, Lyme Disease, co-infections, anxiety and low-self esteem. Her blog is full of stories and tips on lifestyle adaptations and diet.