The Global Natural Healthcare Trust Charity Conference

“There has to be a way forward when you are living with Lyme Disease”

On 25th November 2017, some LDUK members attended the conference ‘There has to be a way forward when you are living with Lyme Disease’  by The Global Natural Healthcare Charity Trust in Edinburgh.

Hosted by charity founder Dame Annette Montague-Thomas, she spoke of the success with her herbal approach for those suffering from chronic Lyme. She explained how herbal medicines have been around much longer than the medicines of today and in the right and knowledgeable hands they can help body restoration back to good health.

LDUK member Janey Cringean outlined the programme;

Dr Armin Schwarzbach from Germany gave informative presentations which included the types of tests, the various co-infections, their symptoms and antibiotic treatments. He explained the different species of borrelia, co-infections such as bartonella, babesia, ehrlichia, anaplasmosis, chlamydia pneumonia, mycoplasma pneumonia, yersinia, and viruses such as EBV, herpes, cytomegalovirus and Cocksackie. The depth of discussion was really interesting and informative.

In between the two parts of Dr Schwarzbach’s talks, we first had a patient forum where we described our experiences.

After lunch, Dame Annette Montague-Thomas gave a short description of how her charity has helped HIV sufferers in Africa, her approach to herbal treatment, and her aim to start a Lyme Clinic in Edinburgh with free consultations for patients and to obtain land to grow herbs to create tinctures for patients to purchase at reasonable prices. Many thanks to Annette for trying to achieve her vision and for her kindness in having offered a few free places to those who could not afford to come otherwise. We look forward to hearing more about her plans. It is early days, but we wait in anticipation for more detail later.”

LDUK member Peter Hill shares;

“Annette managed superbly to convey the message across that Lyme Borreliosis is multisystemic therefore the treatments for it would of necessity be whole body.

It has long been appreciated that herbal medicine has been around far longer than the medicine we know of today although we tend to forget that most medicines today still rely heavily on their herbal origins.

Most important was her emphasis that in the right and knowledgeable hands herbal medicine can help body restoration back to good health.”

The next conference will be held in May 2018, so stay tuned!