AONM November 2017 – ‘Waking to a New Dawn’

Some of our team attended the Academy of Nutritional Medicine’s excellent international conference ‘Waking to a New Dawn: The Emergence of 21st Century Acquired Immune Deficiencies & Innovative Solutions’ on 19th November 2017 in London.

There were stunning presentations from renowned experts, Professor Malcolm Hooper, Dr Sarah Myhill, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Joseph Jemsek, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, Dr. Armin Schwarzbach and Professor Garth Nicolson.

LDUK’s Ann and Samantha with Richard

Many LDUK members attended the event and below is a collection of notes taken by those in attendance.

“Highlights and pearl of wisdom from the AONM conference”

Professor Malcolm Hooper

It was around the same time when illnesses without an identifiable cause started appearing – Gulf War Syndrome, CFS/ME, Fibromyalgia and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities etc.

Tests showed nothing and so Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Graded Exercise Therapy (GED)  treatment offered.

25% of people with ME are bed bound. This is not a trivial illness. Suggesting CBT and GET is insulting .

Patients are abused and this model kills.

ME/CFS patients are severely affected physically but are highly intelligent – they should not be spoken to like children.

Nonspecific symptoms aren’t nonspecific – they are actually symptoms the doctors don’t understand.

The PACE trial was scientific fraud. £6m of public money wasted on a trial to support the idea that the best ‘treatment’ for ME was CBT and GET.

The Government put itself behind the PACE trial to save money, denying these patients proper care. The Government does not normally fund health trials.

£8m of public money spent on subsequent ‘Fatigue’ clinics. Part of the money was from Department of Work and Pensions who have never funded a trial before.

The real evidence shows that these therapies do not work and anyone suffering with this debilitating condition knows this. The published data was wrong. It did not show that GET and CBT is appropriate treatment. They claim it is evidence based but it is not. Evidence is not there.

In 1999, Professor Simon Wessely built an argument that a large number of illnesses across various medical disciplines should come under the BSP (biospsychosocial) model. Transferred an idea from mental health arena to every area of medicine.

This approach has now been called out as medical negligence and 45 international scientists called for the paper (Wessely, 2001 JAMA) to be withdrawn.

Wessely himself in 2001 said “these interventions are not the answer to CFS”.

See presentation slides here.

Dr Sarah Myhill

Explained that she is a very angry woman and no longer cares about professionalism at the expense of patients!

She has launched a campaign called MAIMES (Medical Abuse in ME Sufferers).

She has put together letter of complaint to the GMC against the PACE trial paper, accusing the doctors of scientific fraud and calling for public inquiry into the treatment and medical abuse of ME/CFS patients using public money and for money to be diverted into proper biomedical research. She is calling for patients and MPs to get behind the campaign.

Get involved here

Dr Judy Mikovits

Shared that she was stopped from speaking out by being jailed and is also an angry woman!

She stands by the integrity of the science.

Heavy metals, GMOs and environmental chemicals are driving the devolution of our genes.

Symptoms of chronic illness are usually a response to chronic pathogens within us but these pathogens rarely travel alone, they need metal toxins and organophosphates to cripple our immune responses.

This is a critical time for humanity, we are destroying our brains and ability to generate any kind of energy which we need to function.

Deliberately named all of the conditions with the umbrella term ‘Acquired Immune Deficiencies (AIDS) as that’s what the are – an interaction of toxins, EMFs and pathogens.

We need cell mechanisms such as cytokines to be able to communicate with our cells, not to be disrupted by toxins.

Reinforced that immune systems aren’t born, they are made and change over time based on exposures throughout life.

Vaccines become contaminated through the cell lines they’re grown in at the labs and the animals/humans they are derived from.

Vaccines are given to babies before their immune systems are developed and disrupt the immune system.

Macrophages drive AIDS, not T cells.

A ‘happy’ macrophage will survey the blood vessels, when triggered they get ‘angry’ and fight disease, however if they don’t get turned off they can progress to chronic illness/AIDS.

All comes back to ATP  and energy production.

Brain and immune system interact to maintain brain homeostasis, but when it’s inappropriately disrupted, AIDS conditions occur. In children this can result in growth restrictions and significant weight loss.

Retroviruses cause illness in 2 ways, the normal way as infectious transmission or by inserting into our DNA in a process called insertional mitogenesis where the virus can insert in a place in the gene that is very important to us disrupting that process.

Cannabis and cannabinoids removed from our environment in the 1930s, but effective in regulating our stem cells. Cannabinoids are beneficial as they are anti-viral and anti-inflammatory as they promote type 1 interferon and inhibit NF-κB which causes inflammation. Due to cross talk between the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors the pairing of CBD and THC is important, for example in cancer too much THC can drive metastasis whereas other disorders need THC for best results.

Dr Mikovits said the laws need changing, however it is also important for patients to understand this isn’t as simple as smoking street cannabis. Pure extracts are vital as the cannabis stems are sinks for heavy metals.

Once thought cannabinoids that was purely palliative, but now shown to be therapeutic as well – this can’t be claimed though. Dr Mikovits has told the US authorities she will stop claiming this when they stop claiming chemotherapy is therapeutic.

IVIG is expensive and can be dangerous as taken from blood, but camel’s milk has an antibody which goes directly through the blood brain barrier and is therapeutic – it’s a natural and cheaper way to deliver antibodies, plus is cheaper.

Helpful research such on phage therapy has already been completed but it’s being withheld from people. Treatments are out there but patients are being denied cures.

According to Dr. Mikovits a study done on autistic children demonstrated significant improvement, but unfortunately the substance being trialled (Suramin) has been withdrawn and is currently unobtainable.


See presentation slides here.


Professor Garth Nicholson

Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Mycoplasma and Gulf War Syndrome expert and published over 650 papers – many available free online

The severity of symptoms in chronic illnesses is related to the number of multiple chronic infections.

Multiple systemic infections are commonly found in many chronic and degenerative diseases. They impact mitochondrial function and damage cell membranes. The microorganisms can get inside cells and cause damage – releasing toxins, competing for resources etc. ROS/RNS = free radical oxidants that can damage the cells.

Mycoplasma is a real problem, this bacteria gets inside cells, damaging them from the inside and then when bursting out, takes host antigens to hide from our immune system. This can backfire to cause autoimmunity. Mycoplasma is especially disabling to the mitochondria causing fatigue.

Mycoplasma was found in in ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gulf War Syndrome and ALS cases.

Nicolson found Mycoplasma in 100% of Gulf War veterans and when these veterans returned home, the infection passed to spouses and children. Where children had developed autism after their return, mycoplasma and other infection levels in these children were found to be higher than in non-autistic siblings.

When looking at Gulf War veterans, they were all subjected to health checks before being deployed. On their return approximately 1/3 showing symptoms.

Tried to find out if vaccines could have been contaminated, but any attempt to get samples to test were stunted.

When looking at military ALS patients with early onset ALS, it was found that 100% had systemic Mycoplasma infection. Averaged with civilians = approximately 90% of all cases. The exact mechanism is unknown but it is thought to involve nerve cell damage. Most had other systemic infections.

A CFS study showed that if patients had multiple infections, they were more likely to show more severe symptoms. Illness is not driven by a single toxin, infection, radiation event etc, but a combination. The combination makes it difficult to deal with as in medical school doctors are not taught about multiple triggers leading to complex syndromes.

They then looked to see if this was also the case with civilians. Looking at Mycoplasma, CPN, HHV6 in autistic children from civilian families. Also saw exposure to heavy metals and chemicals.

For Lyme disease the range of coinfections make it very difficult to deal with. The most common strains of Mycoplasma were different in people infected with Lyme disease and varied by country.

See presentation slides here.

Dr Dietrich Klinghardt

The electromagnetic environment is the ‘elephant in the living room’ that is being overlooked. It’s causing dysregulation of everything.

EMF damage is caused by a combination of the lights, cell phones, internet, electronic items – the big driver is how far you are from the source.

Chronic illness is the cumulative effect of all exposures, but the wifi router is a big part of it.

EMF + aluminium + mercury + pathogens = perfect storm.

Health span has decreased by 10 years for the first time. Getting to the stage where all children will be born ill and have zero health span.

The most common cause of death is no longer cancer or heart disease, it’s now neurological disease, primarily Alzheimer’s.

Research shows there is no death from Alzheimer’s without spirochetes in the brain. Lyme disease is not proven to be causative, but no one dies without having them there.

Also affecting the animal world – insects and songbirds disappearing at an alarming rate.

The Germans and Russians come at treatment more from a physics perspective, whereas the USA comes from a chemistry perspective – ‘need to take a pill’.

Smart meters send a blast every 6 seconds of radiation throughout your house that is 100 times more than a cellphone tower.

There are people developing Parkinson’s, ALS and MS within weeks of having smart meters fitted.

Phone base units and baby monitors are also really bad. Your wifi box is like a cellphone tower and the research shows the closer we live to a cellphone tower the more likely we are to have fatigue – this is due to the effects of EMR on voltage-gated calcium channels in cells causing an influx of calcium into cells. This causes many bad things to happen but one is the production of peroxynitrite which is implicated in ALS, MS, CFS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s (research paper by M Pall 2013).

Barry Trower MI6 scientist 2.4 GigaHerz developed it to sterilise populations in two generations – this is the frequency chosen for cell phones.

When you hold your mobile phone to your head it opens the blood brain barrier allowing toxins and pathogens to flood into your brain.

A 7 minute phone call on a mobile phone activates the Epstein Barr Virus for 7 years (Yang et al 2013) and this is especially problematic for cancer patients.

Agenda 21 explains how this is intention to reduce the world population.

Just because there is no government action against it doesn’t make it safe – for example there wasn’t against smoking for many years

Not possible to get EMF studies published. The industry is more powerful than the pharmaceutical industry.

Lyme disease and the main coinfections are intercellular and this causes inhibition of our cells to kill intercellular bacteria. The spread of Lyme disease is faster than can be explained by global warming, biowarfare etc, but can be explained by EMFs. Electrosmog makes Lyme more destructive, through endotoxins.

There are areas of the world with no EMFs where insects, songbirds etc are living and people don’t have Lyme disease.

EMFs are far more damaging to microbiome than to our cells. Been shown to turn symbiotic ones to pathogenic ones. In unpublished study with Swiss researcher he demonstrated EMFs drove mould grown and mycotoxins by 600x.

Cellphone radiation traps heavy metals in cells and inhibits all our mechanisms to shuttle metals out of cells (Mariea and Carlo 2007).

Using a mobile phone increases the release of mercury from dental amalgams into your body. If a pregnant mother has mercury fillings and uses a mobile phone the baby is at much greater risk of neurological illness (Mortazavi et al 2016).

EMF radiation trap heavy metals in our cells by inhibiting the transport mechanisms our body has and affects our ability to detoxify them.

EMR affecting the gated calcium channel causes many downstream issues, but one is that the mitochondria leak out peroxinitrite which is so destructive for you cells. This is what happens in parkinson, MS and ALS patients. To treat these patients you have to tame peroxinitrite.

In some countries this danger is taken seriously – in China, pregnant women are required by law to wear radiation protective clothing over their bump. The police can stop them and check and if they don’t have protective clothing they can go to jail.

Found 8/10 autistic patients have Lyme the other 2/10 certainly had Mycoplasma or other infections. Chronic infections can’t be overlooked.

Autism is doubling every 5 years. Then, was reclassified by US and diluted with various other conditions which ‘flattened’ the increase.

ATEC score used to show how severe Autism is – this is Nobel Prize material but couldn’t get published any major journal

By 2025 50% of children will be diagnosed by autism.

Do not wear your phone. Do not use bluetooth devices. Do not have smart meters installed. Don’t use cordless phones at home. Don’t use baby monitors. Don’t use wifi routers or at least turn them on at night.

Sharp difference in recovery rate when people take precautions against EMF – sleep with shield

Ki Science sell radio protective clothing

Rosemary extract protective against EMF radiation ‘Raywave”

See presentation slides here.

Dr Joseph Jemsek

Lyme Borreliosis is a complex illness and many co-infections are involved.

Many people have the spirochete infections but not all get sick, this is because of the health of the host the environment, and the combinations of multiple infections on board.

The bull’s- eye rash is thought to be a classic sign of a new Lyme infection, but this is unlikely to be the first time your body has seen Lyme disease; the cells must be primed for this reaction. The rash can come on later, recur in the same place, in different places, come up in the shower, etc.

‘Proper management involves a fine application of the science and art of medicine. Achieved through a genuine application of Western and Eastern practices’

‘There is benefit to open exchange of knowledge and ideas between Eastern and Western Medicine’

‘Use of antibiotics does not preclude strict application of healthy life style’

‘Important to continue to manage stressors during Treatment…e.g. nutritional, psychiatric, hormonal, life adjustments on Rx, sleep, pain, seizures’

See presentation slides here.

Ann from LDUK with Dr. Jemsek

Thank you to AONM for allowing LDUK to have a table at the fantastic and enlightening event and for enabling us to hand out leaflets and other awareness raising materials and thank you to our members who shared their notes from the day.

We understand that a DVD of the conference will go on sale and we will publicise details of how to purchase it when they become available.