A Lyme Success Story!

Layers of Lyme Disease: A Recovery Story by Hannah Green

My name is Hannah Green. I’m 41 years old, British and currently live in Sydney, Australia. In my 20s I was very active, riding, sailing and travelling.

After back-packing for a year I fell ill in 2006 with a flu-like illness that I couldn’t get rid of. I got steadily worse over 6 years with a long list of unexplained health issues. I saw 10 doctors and was continually diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, (which I knew wasn’t the issue) before finally finding out I had chronic, late-stage Lyme Disease in Darwin, Australia.

I never saw a tick or a rash, but a private PCR test, bioresonance and DNA testing all came back positive. Tests showed that I had 3 strains of Lyme Borrelia and 6 coinfections. I was in bed for 23 hours a day with over 30 horrible symptoms, too sick to travel home to the UK and 12,000 miles away from family & friends… It had got to the point where I actually wanted to die.

I couldn’t work. I lost my 6 year relationship, 2 successful businesses, my home, my social life & many friends.

Once finally correctly diagnosed in late 2012, I discovered that the Australian government denies that ‘Lyme Disease’ exists & offers zero help with accurate testing, treatment or support. Doctors are being told not to diagnose or treat any cases of Australian ‘Lyme disease’ or they risk having their medical licence taken away!

I wasn’t keen to take long-term pharmaceutical antibiotics, so I did 3 months research into successful treatments, consulted local Naturopaths, and used online info from Lyme experts in Europe and the USA – Including Dr Klinghardt. I came up with my own 100% natural treatment plan, mostly done at home – under the guidance of a local Naturopath who had only ever treated one other patient for Lyme for a few months.

I felt better very quickly, and although there were a few rough weeks until I got the Herx’ reactions balanced, I was fully recovered in just over 12 months. I was able to work, travel and lead a normal life again much quicker than even I expected. I have been symptom free for well over 3 years now. I feel great.

I took a different approach to some conventional Lyme disease treatments. I didn’t take any pharmaceutical antibiotics, but used powerful plant-based products instead. I reduced the toxic load, removed pathogens, heavy metals, viruses and bacteria and kicked my immune system back into action so my body could deal with the Lyme itself!

My treatment plan had 4 main phases:

1- Detox
2- Nutrition
3- Tackling Lyme borrelia & Coinfections
4- Body Rebalance & Healing

I regularly talk to Lyme patients who contact me, but this is getting a little overwhelming. So I want to reach out to other Lyme patients by writing an eBook on my successful recovery to encourage and inspire people that there is hope.

My Lyme Recovery Story eBook contains:

– A guide to Lyme disease
– Information for family, friends & healthcare practitioners who may not understand Lyme
– Lyme awareness poster
– My Lyme story
– My coping strategies
– My complete 7 stage treatment plan: products, supplements, doses & therapies
– My weekly shopping list
– My Lyme diet meal plans
– My exercise plan
– How to get more support from your workplace, family & friends
– Alternative work & income ideas
– Contacts, practitioners and links to information, help & support

Since my recovery, I have been encouraging as many Lyme patients as possible that there is hope, and I was recently invited to speak at Dr Klinghardt’s first ever Lyme & Chronic Illness seminar in Sydney, which was a great honour.

I want to provide interested patients with the information, knowledge and experience that I wish I’d had when I was first diagnosed. My book is currently in the final production stages and I will launch it as soon as I can!

Patients can respond very differently to Lyme & treatments. My book is an account of what worked for me, but I have since met other success stories using similar natural treatment plans. Now that I am fully recovered I am on a mission to encourage and inspire as many Lyme patients as possible that whatever treatment path they choose – there is always hope.

Anyone interested in going onto my book launch info email list can send their email address to me via my website.