Judy Rocher and Rebecca Cotterall – Expert Q&A Video

On 10th August 2017, LDUK was delighted to welcome Judy Rocher and Rebecca Cotterall, from the London Clinic of Nutrition, to take part in a Q&A session with us, answering pre-submitted questions from group members. Thank you so much for joining us and for sharing your treatment approach and knowledge with us!

The London Clinic of Nutrition is a multi-disciplined integrated and functional medical clinic with a team of 15 people made up of naturopaths, homeopaths, herbalists, nutritionists and functional medicine doctors. The clinic offers a wide range of treatment modalities and over 60% of the work the clinic carries out is is treating Lyme disease, CFS and other unexplained illness.

Judy Rocher is a registered nutritional therapist and is a former Director of Studies at the  College of Naturopathic Medicine in Brighton. She still gives lectures on the immune system, infectious diseases and more. She is passionate about bringing hope to difficult cases.

Rebecca Cotterall is a fully qualified nutritional therapist who also lectures at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Manchester. Rebecca fell ill with ME/CFS and Lyme disease at the age of 13 and suffered from extremely debilitating symptoms for 12 years. She healed herself with nutrition, herbs, detoxification and the right mindset. She is passionate and committed to help clients recover as she believes recovery is possible and she has a deep understanding of how Lyme disease can affect every part of life.