Charity Projects 2014

In 2014 LDUK was involved in the following projects and campaigns.

  • Co-founder Natasha Metcalf featured in a BBC Inside Out West documentary in January 2014 highlighting the problems and controversies surrounding Lyme disease testing and treatment.
  • Group members Nicola Seal and Jenny O’Dea from Ticktalk Ireland featured on Katina Makris’ US-based radio show Lymelight Radio in April 2014 to discuss Lyme disease in the UK and Ireland.
  • In June 2014, LDUK group member Jocelyn Lees organised and funded The London Symposium of Tick Borne Diseases for UK medical professionals and veterinarians. Speakers included American Lyme disease experts Dr. Bernard Raxlen, Dr. Leo Shea, Dr. Elizabeth Valentine-Thon, Dr. Alan MacDonald, Dr. Daniel Cameron, Dr. Stephen Bock and Dr. Joseph Jemsek. We are all so grateful to Jocelyn for organising the symposium and for bringing so much knowledge to our shores.
  • In December 2014, LDUK was nominated again by group members in 5 different categories for the WEGO Health Activist Awards: Best in Show Google +, Health Activist Hero, Best in Show: Community; Forum, Best in Show: Facebook, and Best Kept Secret
  • LDUK group members Sophie, Val and Holly set up new UK based charity LymeAid UK to provide grants for people who suspect they have Lyme disease to carry out private testing at overseas laboratories.