‘Wake up To Lyme’ 2017 Campaign Wrap Up!

As Lyme Disease Awareness month draws to a close, we can reflect back on the incredible success of LDUK’s ‘Wake Up to Lyme’ campaign. Our members worked tirelessly to educate a nation and beyond!

Awareness Pack Distribution

Thousands of leaflets, posters, and car stickers were sent out in our awareness packs and our campaign materials were met with a bigger welcome from the public than we could ever have imagined! Our literature was displayed in such a wide variety of locations including supermarkets, post offices, pharmacies, doctors’ surgeries, vet clinics, libraries and schools, enabling maximum awareness to be raised! Daily facts were posted across our social media platforms which were shared and viewed by thousands.

“Nearly every time I asked to put posters up of gave leaflets out, it sparked a conversation about Lyme, and someone always knew somebody affected. This campaign really could save someone life and I’m so grateful I have the energy to get involved and to be a part of it. It’s been truly amazing. Thank you LDUK.”
– Willow Dunn

As well as distributing leaflets and posters, some of our members took on challenging feats to raise awareness! Samantha Ash, whose son suffers from Lyme disease took on the tremendous task of abseiling The Orbit in the Olympic Park in Stratford!

“Stepping over the edge is one of the hardest things I’ve done but knowing what we were doing it for gave me the strength to complete the challenge. Raising awareness amongst the general public as well as the medical profession is paramount, because this disease is mostly preventable and also treatable if caught early enough. Raising awareness for me goes hand in hand with pushing for funding for more research into better diagnostic tests and treatment options – I want to try and stop any other children going through what my son has the past few years”.
-Samantha Ash

Thank you to everyone who made the campaign such a success and PLEASE keep spreading the word throughout the rest of the year to keep people as safe from tick bites and as educated about Lyme disease as possible. You can download and print your own LDUK awareness pack here.

This activism is the main thing that’s keeping me going. I dream of dedicated Lyme clinics, including in-patient clinics. This dream keeps me alive. The creativity, courage and professionalism of LDUK and its organisers is a lifesaver and a soulsaver.”
– Kathryn Walker