Shawn Bean – Expert Q&A Video


Shawn Bean is a clinical nutritonist from the USA. He’s kindly answered LDUK members’ questions and includes topics such as ADH, thyroid and adrenal problems, zinc and melatonin deficiency and ketogenic diets.
shawn bean expert q&aShawn Bean is a founding member of The Institute for Methylation and Bio-individualized Medicine ,a partner in The Center for Bio-individualized Medicine, and has a supporting role at MTHFR Support to help educate the public, as well as medical professionals about the latest findings in genetics and functional medicine. He is health consultant and coach. He interprets SNPs to unearth hidden factors that may be affecting your health in the past, present, and future Shawn has Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from West Chester University and has earned numerous certifications from the World Institute of Integrative Health Science. He is also certified in neuro-endo-immunology, NLP, and clinical hypnotherapy.

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