Lyme Ninja Radio Comes to the UK

Lyme Ninja Radio is ‘the #1 podcast for people with Lyme disease’. The well established show interviews experts and patients alike and this time, it has been the UK’s turn in the Lyme Ninja Radio limelight!

They’ve recently featured two well known UK pracitioners and a UK patient.

#121 Chantelle Lewis – Patientchantelle lewis lyme ninja radio

Chantelle was working a dream job on a private cruise ship in the Caribbean where she was bit by a tick. The ensuing journey through the National Health Service and traveling to the US for treatment she calls her one woman drama. Chantelle is now living with her parents in Cornwall, recovering and pouring her energy helping others by participating in Lyme Disease UK advocacy Group.

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#122 Oliver Barnett – UK Naturopatholiver barnett lyme ninja radio

In this episode you will learn:
• The dissemination of Lyme Disease – included urban places like the middle of London.
• The need for accurate tests for co-infections
• His approach for wellness that focuses on healing the body rather than killing the disease.

Oliver Barnett has studied Naturopathy and Nutrition, Metabolic Typing, iridology and herbal medicine. He runs the largest and only collaborative functional medicine practice in Europe with a team of 10 including 6 practitioners, 3 of which specialise in helping people with Lyme.

In December of this 2017 he will be opening the UK’s first integrated treatment centre for Lyme disease. Oliver is considered one of the UK’s leading health experts and regularly features in printed and online media.

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#123 Jean Monro – MD Breakspear Medicaljean monro lyme ninja radio

In this episode you will learn:
• The three studies Breakspear Medical has published about Lyme
• The length of time that Dr. Monro recommends for antibiotic treatment
• Dr. Monro’s protocol for Lyme disease using artesunate

Internationally recognised in the field of allergy and environmental medicine, Dr Jean Monro is the Medical Director and founder of privately-owned Breakspear Medical Group Ltd.

Fully committed, Dr Monro has focussed on this specialist area for much of her career and successfully treats a wide variety of conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme disease and multiple chemical sensitivity, using certified laboratory tests to detect and address underlying infections and nutritional deficiencies, and by using low-dose immunotherapy as a foundation to rebuilding healthy immune systems.

In addition to treating patients at Breakspear Medical, Dr Monro lectures regularly at conferences around the world, supervises hands-on training of university and college students specialising in nutrition, and is often asked to write medical articles for various magazines.

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