Emma’s story

Emma Dolan, 41

  • Bitten in the USA in 2005. Health declined but still managed to still function at around 60%.
  • Self employed because not able to hold down a job and was refused Employment Support Allowance –  deemed fit for full time work.
  • October 2014, health deteriorated following a bad virus.
  • Now bed bound around 23 hours per day and uses social service care.
  • Cognitive problems, muscle spasms, fatigue, widespread pain.
  • NHS Lyme disease test negative. Private test positive.
  • GP thought Lyme disease was likely and 3 weeks of doxycycline prescribed in 2015.
  • Improvements detected during treatment but relapse occurred when treatment stopped.
  • GP not able to prescribe any more antibiotics for Lyme disease
  • M.E. diagnosis given.
  • Referred to Infectious Diseases department – some blood tests were run.
  • Letter received letter to say that immune system was suppressed which corresponded with private tests done in Germany.
  • Referred to an Immunologist – referral refused on the grounds that there was “nothing he could do” and he agreed with the Infectious Diseases consultant who suggested “unexplained symptoms.”
  • Only help offered was a care package to at home and for pain management.
  • Now fundraising to get treatment in the USA.