Bethan’s story

Bethan Rimmington, 25

  • Has a First Class honours degree in History and a Masters in International Development.
  • Before falling sick, Bethan was involved in numerous social enterprises, including one that supports survivors of human trafficking and for this she received the following recognition:
  • Points of Light Award from the Prime Minister, Most Outstanding Social Entrepreneur from Vinspired, Inspirational Student from Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Named an ambassador for the Queen’s Young Leaders, invited to Buckingham Palace for the launch and met Prince William.
  • Fell ill when bitten by a tick in January 2014 on a University field trip in Kenya.
  • Hospitalised for 5 days and blood was taken but was told nothing was wrong and to go home and lose weight. Doxycycline was being used as an anti-malarial treatment for African trip but stopped in case it was causing an allergic reaction.
  • Health continued to decline and 3 months after hospitalisation, it was revealed that Rickettsia blood test taken during hospital stay was in fact positive – result must have been lost. Another antibiotic was then prescribed for 5 days.
  • Severe reaction to this antibiotic and went to a different hospital where the treatment was extended to 10 days and Bethan was then discharged.
  • Heath continued to decline so readmitted to hospital but told it was post viral fatigue and not to come back.
  • Consulted NHS neurologist and ME/CFS diagnosed.
  • Consulted private GP who suspected Lyme disease and prescribed 6 months of doxycycline.
  • Bethan regained 90% of her health for 3 months.
  • Relapse occurred after finishing doxycycline and returned to NHS GP to request further treatment.
  • Treatment denied and Infectious Diseases referral sent.
  • Patient never seen by Infectious Diseases consultant but instead referred back to CFS clinic.
  • Recently paid for private Lyme disease testing –  positive Lyme test + 4 co-infections from ArminLabs.
  • No further help being offered on the NHS.
  • Claiming Employment and Support Allowance benefit.
  • Hopes to start private treatment with US doctor with support of private UK GP.