Letters to BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour


On 12th July 2016, Woman's Hour on Radio 4 covered the subject of Lyme disease. The programme can be listened to here. The feature starts at approximately 24 minutes in.

This slot came about as a result of a letter from Louise Alban to Radio 4 editors, which can be read in full here.

Many Lyme disease sufferers feel frustrated that, more often than not, journalists barely scratch the surface of the complex issues surrounding the controversial illness. These issues include transmission methods, lack of GP education, links to other chronic conditions and the lack of NHS care available for chronic cases. Letters with a common thread running throughout, were sent in to Woman's Hour by listeners expressing dismay at the way in which Lyme disease is handled in this country as well as a plea for more in-depth investigative journalism to take place on this subject.

Below is a small selection of some of the letters, which we have kindly been given permission to publish. Whilst LDUK is so grateful to any media coverage on the illness, we hope that these letters inspire journalists to dig deeper into the world of Lyme disease to produce more in-depth features in the future.

Click on each excerpt to read the letter in full.

Kathryn's Letter

Joanne's Letter

Denise's Letter

Jackie's Letter

Jacinth's Letter

Hongyan's letter

A patient's uncle

Axel's Letter

Nicola's Letter

Sarah's Letter

Anna's Letter