Caudwell Lyme Disease’s Patient Survey Results Published!

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Source: Caudwell Lyme Disease

The charity, Caudwell Lyme Disease has now published the results in full of a survey conducted to find out more about Lyme disease patients’ experiences with with NHS care. Many LDUK members took part in the survey and the results highlight major problems with the way in which Lyme disease is being addressed in this country.

A staggering 29% patients had had Lyme disease for
10 years or more before being diagnosed’
Caudwell Lyme Disease

caudwell survey imageSource: Caudwell Lyme Disease

‘Only 18% of Lyme patients who responded to the survey
had been treated with antibiotics for 2 or 4 weeks, in accordance
with current NHS guidelines. Over a third of survey respondents
said they had received no antibiotics at all from their NHS doctor.’
– Caudwell Lyme Disease

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Source: Caudwell Lyme Disease

See the rest of the survey results here.