Letter to MPs and LDUK Response to Government Petition Statement



LDUK group members signed and shared a petition demanding better testing and treatment for Lyme disease which generated over 10,000 signatures. The government then had to issue an official response which can be found here.

LDUK members were dissatisfied with the official response and some prepared their own responses to the government statement to demonstrate that many patients do not necessarily agree with the Department of Health’s stance. These were collated into one document which you can access and print out here.

A letter template to send to MPs was also drafted by several LDUK group members. It can be accessed and printed out here.

The letter can be used as a standalone document or as an accompaniment to the petition response table, which can also be sent to your MP to explain the issues in more detail.

Please consider sending the letter and the response table to your MPs to get them involved in pushing for change in the way Lyme disease is addressed in this country. Please also share this website post as widely as possible with family and friends who may have signed the petition, so that people are aware of the LDUK response to the government’s statement.

MP Meeting

Please invite your MPs to attend a drop-in meeting on 6th September 2016 at Portcullis House, Westminster from 2pm-4pm which has been set up by Teresa Pearce MP and one of her constituents.

Thank you to all group members who contributed to this project and thank you to Neil Coyle, MP for Old Southwark and Bermondsey and Robert Buckland, MP for South Swindon who have been hosting a Lyme disease patient survey on their websites to gather data.

Caudwell Lyme Disease has also been running numerous patient surveys and some of the results are now available.

Many LDUK members took part in the 2016 protests which took place in Bath and London.