Public Health England Lyme Disease Open Day March 2015

PHE conducted a very last minute open day on 25th March 2015, changing the date with less than two weeks’ notice. The few people who did manage to make it reported back from the meeting and the following document is now available giving detailed information on the event. Sadly, many of the speakers who had been chosen by patients to attend the Parliamentary meeting in January, either couldn’t make it or hadn’t been invited. Public Health England Lyme Disease Open Day 25th March 2015 The speakers were as follows;

  • Dr Tim Brooks, Clinical Services Director, PHE Rare & Imported Pathogens laboratory (RIPL)
  • Dr Roger Evans, Consultant Clinical Scientist, Raigmore Hospital, Inverness
  • Dr Jolyon Medlock, PHE Head of Medical Entomology and Zoonoses Ecology (MEZE)
  • Maaike Pietzsch, Senior Project Scientist, Medical Entomology and Zoonoses Ecology (MEZE)
  • Brian Fallon MD, Director, Lyme and Tick-borne Diseases Research Centre, Columbia University, USA
  • Randi Eikeland, Head of National Advisory Unit for Tick-borne diseases, Sørlandet University
  • Dr Sue Best, Director, National Serology Reference Laboratory, Australia
  • Stella Huyshe-Shires, Lyme disease Action

The Countess of Mar also gave an introduction and it was chaired by Dr Jenny Harries, PHE Regional Director, South of England.