New Monthly Newsletter!


LDUK are very excited to announce that we’re starting up a free monthly newsletter featuring events, news, patient stories and more!

If you would like to receive this fantastic resource please sign up by clicking the link below. We’re aiming to send out the first edition around 1st November.

We would really like this to be a group collaboration involving as many readers and members as possible and so if you can contribute any of the following items for this or future editions, please email us at with your attached creations and written permission for us to feature your work. Please also state how you would like to be credited (i.e. with your full name or listed as anonymous)

  • Graphics (any original, Lyme related graphics you have created – we know we have lots of talented graphic designers in the group!)
  • Poetry, links to original songs written by group members, art work etc
  • Information on upcoming meet ups during the month of November
  • Fundraisers (we wish to feature a fundraiser each month so please send us a link to a donation page with a short summary to introduce the campaign). We will pick fundraisers out of a hat to determine which one is featured each month.
  • Lyme disease book reviews (has anyone read any helpful Lyme books lately and do you want to share your thoughts on the book in our newsletter?)
  • Events (please send us any info on awareness drives, leaflet campaigns going on around the country)

Please send in anything else that you feel you would like to see featured in the newsletter and we can take a look. Many thanks!