4th Annual Wego Health Awards

Lyme Disease UK are thrilled to announce that we’ve been nominated for the 4th Annual Wego Health Activist Awards! The awards aim to recognise people and organisations which make a difference to the lives of patients and carers.

This year we’ve been nominated for the categories of;

  • Best in Show: Community/Forum
  • Best in Show: Facebook
  • Best Kept Secret


You can ‘endorse’ our nominations (read: vote for us) by going to our Wego Page here and clicking on the purple ‘Endorse Lyme Disease UK’ button.

When you endorse us you can also leave a message for why you’d like to see us win. You can see previous messages towards the bottom of the page, here is a selection of what has been said about LDUK;

Formed less than two years ago by two fellow sufferers of Lyme Disease the group now has over 1100 members and has become the source of the best information and support for patients on the net. Natasha and Louise work tirelessly to ensure the smooth running of the group and to support the ever growing number of new sufferers.  — Jas

Natasha and Louise run a facebook discussion group, page and website dedicated to helping those with Lyme Disease. Lyme disease is not recognised or treated properly by most medical professionals and sufferers are usually not given proper care on the NHS. Therefore sufferers feel isolated, abandoned, socially stigmatised and are often branded as mentally ill or malingerers when they actually have a treatable infection. Natasha and Louise both have Lyme and are really quite sick but despite this, they put a huge amount of effort in, daily, supporting other sufferers and bringing a voice to those who are voiceless. The group is very active, with online discussion, friendship, and engagement with the wider political and policy regarding Lyme disease in the uk. The group is an absolute lifeline to many people.  — Nicola

Thank you to everyone who has already endorsed us, it truly means a lot to us!

Louise and Natasha