New UK Charity – LymeAidUK!

Lyme Disease UK is thrilled to announce that the new UK charity LymeAidUK is now fully operational and able to start collecting funds.

 “The primary objective of LymeAid UK is to provide grants to people on low income who suspect they have Lyme Borreliosis for private overseas testing for the disease.

A positive Lyme Disease test is the difference for most people between getting treatment on the NHS or not; or being able to successfully fundraise for and obtain private treatment or not. The charity is required as the NHS test is insufficient. No test exists to rule out Lyme Borreliosis but the majority of NHS doctors will not treat based on a clinical diagnosis alone.”

They explain the difficulties with the tests currently used in the UK to detect Lyme disease and understand the need for patients to obtain further testing to be able to move forward in their healing journey.

“LymeAid UK was founded in March 2014 by Sophie, Val and Holly. Sophie is almost fully recovered from Lyme after private treatment, Val is her concerned mother and Holly is still recovering. We formed the charity after seeing too many stories in support groups of people unable to get help after a negative NHS test.”

We wish them the best of luck as they commence fundraising activities and start to make a real difference in people’s lives.