New Map of Medicine & UK Guidelines

Public Health England have confirmed that they are to coordinate the development of new UK guidance on the diagnosis and treatment of cases of Lyme disease, They first announced it at the PHE London Conference in October but it’s very reassuring to see it in black and white.

“Brooks said guidance development was a long-term project in which patient group involvement was important. He
hoped the guidance would encompass differential diagnosis and include recommendations, in the form of
algorithms, on routes that health professionals should take when testing for and diagnosing the disease, on
treatment of suspected cases, and on investigation pathways to be followed for cases shown to be Lyme-negative.”



In other news, the Map of Medicine Lyme disease page has been reinstated after much campaigning by groups like Lyme Disease Action. It’s a guide for GPs in diagnosing and ‘managing’ Lyme disease and can be helpful, especially for the patient, to know the steps their GP should be taking.