getting into the water ben bechtel

Getting Into The Water to Support my Partner, By Ben Bechtel

Ben Bechtel wrote a heartfelt post on Facebook recently about his experience watching his partner Lindsey struggle with Lyme disease. He talks about getting into the water with her, and helping her through the immense difficulties of life with Lyme disease. Thank you for giving us permission to share this, […]

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top lyme disease blog

LDUK Receives Top Lyme Disease Blog Award

We’re thrilled to announce our inclusion in Feedspot’s top 25 Lyme blogs at number 14. So many fantastic global publications are on the list such as, CanLyme and Global Lyme Alliance. Our goal for the blog is to create quality posts about Lyme disease from a patient perspective. To help […]

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Lyme Disease Can Destroy Lives

For many people with ongoing health problems, life has changed since a diagnosis and they’ve had to adapt their work, adjust to medications and find ways to fit their illness around their lives. These are often the people you think of when you hear ‘chronic illness’. These are the people […]

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Lyme Disease UK’s Newsletter

Lyme Disease UK produces a free monthly newsletter, packed with information on events, local group meets, Lyme disease in the media and campaigning news. It also features patient stories, fundraising and achievements.

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Questions Posed to Lyme Disease Action

During the recent media coverage of Lyme disease, quotes from Lyme Disease Action provoked some concern amongst LDUK members that the charity wasn’t representing patients accurately. Some of the information given out was called into question as well as the role of the charity. Lyme Disease Action then requested that […]

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Local Patient Support Groups

There are regular as well as occasional local face to face patient support groups, not run by us, happening around the UK. Keep checking back to see if there’s one happening near you! These groups give patients and carers the opportunity to meet people in a similar situation nearby, make […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Lyme disease? Lyme disease is an infectious disease caused by a spirochetal bacteria known as Borrelia. For more details, see our ‘What is Lyme disease?’ page here. Q: Is it Lyme disease or Lymes disease? The correct name of the illness is Lyme disease and not Lymes […]

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Question of Perspective – Laura Brown

Many thanks to Laura Brown for this post showing how important it is to keep perspective on our illness and to see the positives. You can read more of her blog over at which also links to her fundraising campaign for Lyme disease treatment.   A Question of Perspective   […]

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