Lyme Disease Co-Infections

In addition to Lyme disease, ticks also carry numerous other infections and these vectors are often referred to as ‘dirty needles’. According to one study, ‘ticks transmit more pathogens than any other arthropod’ (Moutallier et al, 2016). It’s important to be aware of these Lyme disease co-infections as they can […]

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rachel alban lyme disease and art

Lyme Disease and Art – by Rachel Alban

Rachel Alban is an artist living with Lyme disease in the North of England. In this guest blog post she discusses her illness and the effect it’s had on her art. You can find out more about her work from her website. ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade’. This […]

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top lyme disease blog

LDUK Receives Top Lyme Disease Blog Award

We’re thrilled to announce our inclusion in Feedspot’s top 25 Lyme blogs at number 14. So many fantastic global publications are on the list such as, CanLyme and Global Lyme Alliance. Our goal for the blog is to create quality posts about Lyme disease from a patient perspective. To help […]

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Val Kellaway

A Mother’s Nightmare with Lyme Disease by Val Kellaway

Lyme disease often has a devastating effect on patients, but it also deeply affects friends and family. Val Kellaway recounts hers and her daughter’s nightmare with Lyme that lead them to setting up the charity LymeAid UK. A Mother’s Nightmare with Lyme Disease In August 2011 my only daughter Sophie, […]

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Lyme Ninja Radio Comes to the UK

Lyme Ninja Radio is ‘the #1 podcast for people with Lyme disease’. The well established show interviews experts and patients alike and this time, it has been the UK’s turn in the Lyme Ninja Radio limelight! They’ve recently featured two well known UK pracitioners and a UK patient. #121 Chantelle […]

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Lyme Disease Can Destroy Lives

For many people with ongoing health problems, life has changed since a diagnosis and they’ve had to adapt their work, adjust to medications and find ways to fit their illness around their lives. These are often the people you think of when you hear ‘chronic illness’. These are the people […]

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In My Blood – A Story of Lyme Disease in the UK

    In my Blood is an in depth look at the complex and baffling world of Lyme disease in the UK, as told by people whose lives have been shaped by it. The piece starts with the difficulties surrounding diagnosis and how many patients took years to finally get […]

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Endorsements & Awards

  Countess of Mar Although I have no direct experience of the illness, I am aware that Lyme disease is one of the most unpleasant illnesses to have. The multiplicity of symptoms that are generated by such a tiny organism are bewildering to patients, their carers and, to a very […]

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Lyme Disease Facts and Stats

A selection of quick Lyme disease facts and stats. Lyme disease is caused by a spirochete – a corkscrew-shaped bacteria called Borrelia. In 1993, Lyme disease was described by Oxford scientists as a danger to the public. A leading Lyme disease specialist has described the illness as ‘the AIDS of […]

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