Moving the goal posts – Sophie Grace Kellaway

Moving the goal posts by Sophie Grace Kellaway Recently I’ve noticed that as I’ve been recovering, I’ve been changing my targets for wellness. By moving the goalposts without even realising, I’ve been feeling like I’ve not been making progress. Only when I’ve stopped to think about the real changes can […]

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Safe Mode – Tony Bent

Our second guest blog post is from UK patient and LDUK group member Tony Bent. Read more of his blog here If you have a blog you would like featured, please email F8 Safe Mode, fatigue and brain fog…. So my body is in safe mode. I remember reading […]

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New Guest Blog Section

We are very proud to have a new part of the website which will feature blog posts from a variety of Lyme patients, campaigners and carers. They’ll be tacking a variety of subjects relating to the patient experience of Lyme disease in the UK. We cope these will give valuable […]

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