Lyme Disease UK spokespeople are members of our online patient community and are available for interviews.

Additional case studies can be requested if necessary.
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Natasha Metcalf
Lyme Disease UK Co-Founder


Natasha’s health started declining around the age of 16. She was misdiagnosed multiple times and initially experienced periods of relapsing and remitting illness, which interrupted her life and education frequently. After graduating, things took a turn for thr worse in 2008. Overall, it took 12 years and a trip to America to discover that she had been battling Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections. She co-founded Lyme Disease UK in 2013 with Louise Dean.

Kirk Haworth
Professional Chef


Kirk’s health took a massive turn for the worst at the age of 23. Over 5 years, he visited over 25 doctors in many different areas and consulted GPs hundreds of times. He wasn’t being believed or taken seriously but continued to push himself at work even though his symptoms were horrendous symptoms and he started to lose his memory. Finally, after all those years of suffering, he was given a diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease. Cooking and working with food in an creative way is what keeps Kirk fighting for his health.

Louise Alban
Former Biology Teacher

Louise is the mother of a Lyme sufferer. Her daughter was bitten in 2010 on an Oxford college lawn but, despite clear early symptoms, diagnosis was not made for another 4 years. By this time she was housebound by multiple symptoms. Since then she has been in treatment from German and US doctors. Louise used to teach Biology and is now active in Lyme support and campaigning groups.

Ren Gill


Ren first got sick at 18 years old and over a 6 year period, was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and then M.E. Finally doctors discovered that he had Lyme disease. Ren had a successful music career and was signed to a label but he was unable to fulfill this dream due to illness. Ren found solace in online support groups, realised that he was not alone and that the medical profession has no definitive answers when it comes to treating this condition.  He is passionate about doing everything he can to push for change and he is honoured to be working along side such great voices in the Lyme community.

Samantha Ash
Former Sales/Business Development Manager


Samantha has two children with Lyme disease, her youngest son having been ill for more than three years sincebeing bitten by a tick in their local park in Windsor, when he was only nine. He later had a bone tumour removed from the site of the bite, and it took eighteen months to get a diagnosis of Lyme disease. At age ten, he became unable to read, struggled with speech and writing, and had a myriad of chronic pain and fatigue symptoms which left him housebound and unable to attend school. Campaigning for awareness and research into better diagnostic testing and treatment has become a passion for Samantha.